How To Become A Teacher?

How To Become A Teacher?

Teaching is one of the oldest professions nowadays. It has been evident for many centuries now. Becoming a teacher entails a lot of tasks when it comes to managing students, making exams according to the protocol of the schools, making lesson plan for students, guiding the students accordingly and some other things are just some of the many responsibilities of a teacher.

This is one of the reasons that sometimes there are people asking why teachers still one to become one. There are millions of teachers all over the world and the quality and description of their jobs may differ from one person to the other depending on their specialties and their placement on classrooms.

How to become a teacher may entail a lot of processes. Teachers will have to teach different age groups and they may be deployed on different settings of classrooms. Their way of teaching will then be determined according to their age, level of comprehension skills and some other things. The different levels that teachers will have to teach are usually on the elementary, junior high school, senior high school, and college or university level.

There are also some specialized class for students who may have special abilities and for those who may to further their education like post graduate studies.   The teachers have the freedom to choose on what level they would like to teach when they are studying for their teaching course. They can study directly by going to schools and also aspiring teachers can also study via online.

Kindergarten and Elementary Teachers

The teachers who will be teaching the kindergarten and elementary students will have to teach the foundation of everything such as writing, reading, math skills, speaking, pronunciations, and some other subjects. In some schools, they also add arts, physical education and music on their subjects so as to introduce subjects other than academics.

Teachers will also be required to give students some learning on how to deal with other people, habits for studying and some other intra-personal and interpersonal skills. Elementary teachers will be working with various age groups here. They would usually teach 7 years old to 12 years old, depending on the rules of the country that they are teaching.

They usually give some lessons about science, math, music, arts, physical education and some other topics. Since the children are already intermediate to advanced learners, they are starting to become curious on this stage. The teachers will have to guide and supervise the students on learning some important knowledge and skills that they need to know.

Teachers will also have to motivate the students and teach them on how to prioritize their needs. At this stage, children sometimes prefer to do other things that study, so teachers need to emphasize to the kids the importance of studying.

High School Teachers

Teachers who will be assigned to help the high school students learn will have to be focused in some specific fields of subjects. They will be challenging the students to further widen their knowledge about each subject. They may do some researches or experiments about each subject for this will serve as their gateway to college or universities. Some teachers will act as a coach for the students for them to pass the entrance exams for colleges or universities. They will have to train them on how to answer interview questions, how to answer entrance examinations and how to do some essays when they are asked to do so.

College or University Teachers

Teachers in this field will already be focused in the specialization of students. The professors will be given various schedules in each classroom that they will be handling. They will have to teach the students on how to do their researches.

Teachers on this field will somehow have a better schedule depending on the administrators of the school that they are working with. However, teachers may have lesser vacation since some college or university students are obliged to have their summer classes.

How To Become A Teacher?

Bachelor’s degree

Obviously, this is the first step to become a teacher. The aspiring teacher has to study for four years while some schools have five years. Teachers who would like to be specialized as a kindergarten or elementary teachers must take a degree for elementary education. However, teachers who would like to teach preschoolers will have to get some associate degree. Teachers who would like to teach high school students need to have a bachelor’s degree that is specialized with high school teaching.

Practice teaching

After having the bachelor’s degree you will have to practice teaching for some hours that your school or your country will be asking you. Experience must be first done before doing any formal teaching with your future students.   You will be practicing your teaching skills while you are still studying for your bachelor’s degree before going to the next process on how to become a teacher.

License or certification

After getting a bachelor’s degree and practicing teaching in some schools, aspiring teachers are obliged to get a license or certificate depending on your country’s laws. These are usually needed for legal purposes and so that you can teach formally to your students. You have to pass certain exams in order to avail this license or certificate. You will be asked to pass the number of hours that you have taught while you were still studying and also to pass the exam for teaching.

Post graduate studies

This part is optional for teachers. However, if you want to teach college or university students then you will be required to get your master course or PhD so as to be able to teach them. This is one of the requirements of some universities so you must further your education if you really do want to teach university or college students.

Listed above are some of the ways on how to become a teacher. There will always be pros and cons for any career that you would like to pursue. Teaching is a good profession because it helps students attain their career as well. Teaching is also one of the jobs that will never be lost as compared to the other jobs that are now present.